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After more than two decades of playing and coaching Rugby, Rugby League and Oztag at a Local, State and National level, two great mates Steven Van Gemert and Stephen Butler invented the Catch-Pro band. To assist with the design and the development, another great mate Greg Smith joined the team.

Through research and many years of personal experience. The Catch-Pro team have identified the Essential, Basic Fundamental's of our sports at all levels, are often being overlooked.

With our modern sport having a major focus on speed. Rules are often being changed to speed things up.  Athletes are pushed to be bigger, faster, stronger. We found simply, we can only play as fast as our basic Catch & Pass skills will let us!

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Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CatchPro Bands Team , Steve is a current member of the Australian Oztag Hall of Fame and has represented Australia at the highest level since 1998.

Steve has experienced 4 oztag world cups and has coached men and womens teams at both state and nationals levels. 

Experience within other sports such as Rugby League and cricket has given Steve a great understanding over the years that working on the fundamentals is the cornerstone of his approach to long term player skill development. 




Stephen kicked off his Rugby League journey at the age of 5. Attending Westfields Sports High, Stephen was a representative player at schoolboy level and went on to play for the North Sydney Bears in the Harold Matthews.

Stephen has had 25 years experience of representative oztag, 15 of them in Australian Teams inclusive of 4 World Cups, with the highlight being named captain of the Australian Team in 2018.

Stephen has coached both Mens and Womens teams at state cup and nationals levels and is a current coach in the Oztag  High Performance Academy .




Greg brings to the team, experience in product development and business management. He has owned and operated his own uniform and custom products Company for 18 years. He has been refining the Catch Pro Bands over the past 18 months ensuring the best materials have been used to create a functional and comfortable band.

Greg has also played and represented Australia in Oztag over many years , having played in 3 world cups over his career.

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