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The Skill Development Band teaches the correct techique of the early catch with the players hands away from the body. The focus is on getting the fingers , wrists and arm placement correct for a consistent catch. The length of the band allows enough movement for skill development and the flexibilty to do your field sessions with added mobility.

CatchPro Development Band Fluro Green

  • To ensure your Catch Pro Band remains in good condition we recommend hand washing in cold water and never tumble dry them.

  •  To be used as a training aid only and not to be used in game situations. 

    No diving when using the bands as a defensive tool for tag sports .

    It is recommended that players start in a stationary position to get comfortable wearing the bands and performing stationary catch/ pass kicking drills before moving into drills with motion . We recommend slow increases in speed to allow players to get comfortable with their balance during drills to avoid falls.

    Check the training area that it is suitable for catch / pass drills ie the park / oval is level and free of holes or any other issue that could cause the increase risk of losing footing. 

    Always check the stitching areas on the bands for wear and tear. 

    Not to be used for any other purpose than Catch / Pass drills. 

    Do not use bands if you have an existing injury to the hand, wrist  and shoulder area. 

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